Behind the Velvet Rope: Soon it would be too hot 2

Soon it would be too hot (Big Ben) melting at the Casula Powerhouse Arts Centre, 12-14 Feb 2021.

I’m pleased to announce that this work, now titled Behind the Velvet Rope: Soon it would be too hot 2, will be reimagined at the Coal Loader as part of the 2022 North Sydney Art Prize.

Behind the Velvet Rope invites us to watch the spectacle of the climate crisis in action—again.

This work asks us to reflect on our own consumption—not only of fossil fuels, such as coal—but of the mesmerising scenes of devastation that we, collectively, have wrought. Seeing this work in the Coal Loader tunnels will infuse the work with both site-specific poignancy and a sense of urgency.

2022 North Sydney Art Prize 
The Coal Loader Centre for Sustainability
2 Balls Head Drive, Waverton
14 – 29 May 2022