Mix and Match City: Hazelhurst Residency

Tracey Clement, ‘Mix and Match City,’ 2020, laser-cut recycled cardboard, tape, glue, dimensions variable (40 units). Installed in ‘The Home’ at Hazelhurst Arts Centre. (Catherine O’Donnell’s work in the background.) Photo: Silversalt.

The multiple little buildings presented in Mix and Match City encompass an eclectic range of styles that were nonetheless all made from a selection of just six basic shapes.

In this model city structures resembling classic art deco skyscrapers from New York or Chicago, Aztec pyramids, adobe masterpieces from Timbuktu, Persian towers, pan-Asian pagodas and suburban Aussie bungalows all coexist harmoniously. And if they can, maybe we can too?

At a time when the notion of home seems more important than ever, Mix and Match City is a mini utopia, a gesture towards a better future.


I constructed this iteration of Mix and Match City while staying the the 1940s art deco cottage’ as artist in residence at Hazelhurst in August 2020.

Mix and Match City was exhibited in the group show THE HOME at the Hazelhurst Arts Centre 29 August – 8  November 2020.