Arts Writer

I have been a professional freelance writer and editor for more than a decade. I specialise in art and design writing, but I’m happy to tackle just about any topic.
I’ve written about wildly divergent subjects in art, design, fashion and architecture, from jewellery made from recycled plastic bags and the history of men’s suits, to the appeal of McMansions and the latest Aussie art star.
I have written for numerous art and design magazines including: Artlink, Monument, Art Guide and many more. I was the writer/editor of the Sydney Morning Herald’s ‘Metro Art Page’ (sadly now defunct) for 5.5 years.

As an artist, my work is meticulously crafted and I approach my writing with the same care and precision. I see writing as an equally creative, and equally important, endeavour.
I believe that arts writing can be interesting and insightful without the use of pretentious, convoluted art-speak. When writing about art it may be just as appropriate to quote the Terminator or Kevin Rudd as Foucault (or any other dead French theorist). All art is political, and art and design are an integral part of popular culture, not superior to it.
In fact, writing about art and design can be entertaining, funny and a pleasure to read; no degree in doublespeak required.

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