Category: Shrapnel


Shrapnel is evidence of damage incurred in battle. Worn on the outside of the body, instead of lodged within, these jagged pieces of stainless steel are testament to injuries survived and obstacles overcome: physical, emotional or spiritual. To use a cliché, ‘What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger.’ Trite perhaps, but true.

Shrapnel is a series of adornments for the body which ironically reference military forms: chain-mail armour, bandoliers, sashes, medals, ribbons and badges of honour.

Originally conceived for an anti-war medal project, these jewels can also commemorate scars received from more metaphysical events.

Tracey Clement

The Shrapnel brooches were shown in  Anti-War Medals in 2003 at Velvet da Vinci, San Francisco, Ca, USA and in 2004 at Electrum, London, UK.

Shrapnel was part of SafARI in 2006, a satellite event of the Biennale of Sydney.

Photos: Tracey Clement.