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Drowned World: Eckert Projection

WATCH Tracey Clement create Drowned World: Eckert Projection.

See my Drowned World maps in the group show Future Stratigraphy, 6-29 October 2016, at SCA Galleries, Sydney.

The Eckert projection was created in 1906. My map took approx 21 hours of drawing, February – June 2016

This the third map I’ve made as  part of my Mapping The Drowned World project, inspired by JG Ballard’s novel The Drowned World.


Drowned World: Petermann Star Projection


Tracey Clement, ‘Dog’ (detail), 2010, embroidery on Irish linen, framed 350 x 350mm.

1 man + 1 woman = 1 child (me).

1+1=1 is an acknowledgment of the contribution my parents made to my character and artistic practice.

The starting point of this solo exhibition is series of drawing collaborations I made with my Father when I was a child: he drew, I scribbled with crayons.

In 1+1+=1, I have taken these drawings and reinterpreted them in embroideries (one of the several traditional “women’s work” skills handed down to me by my Mother) and digital prints.

I have also animated three of the drawings using very simple techniques including the construction of handmade flip-books and praxinoscopes.

Watch videos of the praxinoscopes here.

Tracey Clement:

1+1=1 was a solo exhibition at James Dorahy Project Space, Sydney.

Photos: Embroideries photographed by Richard Glover. Flip-books, praxinoscopes and installation shots by Tracey Clement.

Paper Trail

Tracey Clement, ‘Target: Vines’ (detail), 2008-9, paper, pins, foam core board, 530 x 610mm.

Tracey Clement, ‘Target: Vines’ (detail), 2008-9, paper, pins, foam core board, 530 x 610mm.

The target is an almost irresistible graphic image. All those concentric rings create a mesmerising visual vortex, drawing the eye dead centre, sucking you in. No wonder the target is a perennial favourite of both pop artists and marketing gurus. The target is also an iconic symbol of man-made violence.

Tracey Clement, 'Target: Ratus Ratus' (detail), 2008-9, paper, pins, foam core board, approx 1200 x 650mm.

Tracey Clement, ‘Target: Ratus Ratus’ (detail), 2008-9, paper, pins, foam core board, approx 1200 x 650mm.

The targets in Paper Trail are part of my ongoing project which explores the toxic legacy of the Enlightenment: the dangerous notion that it is both possible and desirable to dominate nature.

Using a razor blade, outlines of vines and vermin are ‘drawn’ onto ready-made targets, then allowed to spiral out. Breaching the picture plane and occupying 3D space, these organic forms embody nature’s vitality and patient omnipotence.

Tracey Clement

Paper Trail was first shown as a solo exhibition in 2008, at Peloton, Sydney. In 2009, several of the works were showcased in the emerging artists exhibition, Off the Wall, Art Melbourne, Royal Exhibition Building, Melbourne. They were exhibited in 2009 in Tracey Clement: Recent(Hard)Work, Elements Art Gallery, Perth, WA.

Photos: Richard Glover.